Jeri Ryan’s “Body” of Work is “Proof” She’s No Dumb Blonde


Jeri Ryan is one tough chick. She’s often cast as the smart and sexy character in her projects whether it’s as a futuristic borg in a sci-fi series like Star Trek: Voyager or her current assignment as Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murphy on the new series Body of Proof starring opposite Dana Delany.


It hasn’t been hard for Ryan to nab those brainy roles, after all, the actress isn’t by any standards a dumb blonde.


“I like to think I’m reasonably intelligent in real life,” Ryan laughs. “But, it’s also a conscious choice on my part. It’s one thing if you’re doing sort of a one-off like a movie or an episode of something where you’re a victim or a bimbo. But, if you’re doing a series, especially that you’re doing potentially doing for seven years of your life, I have no interest in playing a ditz or a victim. I want somebody who is a good role model for my daughter when she grows up and something I can be proud of playing.”


And that’s precisely why Ryan chose to join the cast of Body of Proof, which is poised for new developments as the season progresses.


“There’s a lot of personal fireworks coming up,” she acknowledges. “And a lot of interesting cases to work on – and the big draw for me is the science. I love the science. I’m a big science geek from way back. So, that’s always fun.”


Body of Proof airs Tuesdays, 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, but you can also catch Ryan in her other gig as a butt-kicking expert for the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series on the web.




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