Cesar Millan is Man’s Best Friend – And That’s Nothing to “Whisper” About

Cesar Millan isn’t a man who can easily blend into a crowd. After eight years of rehabilitating canines on The Dog Whisperer, there are few that don’t automatically recognize him.

And that recognition often means doling out advice to frustrated pet owners who can’t seem to cure their dogs’ antsy antics. Millan has learned to live with the attention, though he admits there have been times when he’s been caught off guard by who, and when he’s approached for help.

“It’s scary when a pilot of the plane comes out and asks you a question and we’re in the air,” Millan laughs. “[The pilot] was anxious to ask me a question about his golden retriever  and I was like, ‘You’re the pilot, you should go in there (motion to an imaginary cockpit).’”

He, of course, gave up the info to the pilot and didn’t really mind at all. Millan enjoys meeting other animal lovers. In fact, the only time he doesn’t give his full attention to fans is when he’s with his children.

“I say, ‘I’m a dad right now,’ ” he offers. “Otherwise, if my kids are not around I have fun helping.”

The Dog Whisperer has long been a staple on National Geographic Channel. Now, the show has been moved to Nat Geo Wild, the company’s latest cable entry dedicated to programming with animals in mind. The move was a smart decision considering Millan’s loyal following, which Nat Geo is hoping will generate higher ratings for the new channel.

“Isn’t it great,” he asks. “I’m just happy to have a job. I am honored that they feel they can trust my reputation. I know the value of a dog. The dog is universal, the dog is level. Me and the dog are pretty much the same thing, so what they’re really saying is, ‘People love dogs, let’s bring the dog guy in.’ ”

The Dog Whisperer airs Saturdays, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, Nat Geo Wild.

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